When I was younger, the idea of “charitable giving” consisted of activities such as packing lunches for the homeless, volunteering at a church service event, organizing a canned food drive in high school, or donating a portion of an allowance to go towards cancer research. I’m sure these charitable activities from my middle school/high school days made a difference for someone, somewhere – in one way or another. This early charity work helped teach me the importance of serving others and giving back. But over the past few years, my idea of “charitable giving” has evolved as my involvement has increased, bringing me into contact with other causes, people, and organizations.

In 2012, my family founded Heal Team 6 to focus on assisting smaller, local charities with fundraising so they could focus on carrying out their respective missions. In Heal Team 6’s short existence, we’ve raised and donated close to $1,000,000 in support of a variety of causes – helping first responders, veterans, adults with Muscular Dystrophy, and more. We have accomplished this by bringing people together, uniting around the cause of making things better for the friends and neighbors in our community. This has included bringing together the resources, capabilities, and good intentions of individuals, local businesses, and other charitable organizations to yield the results we have experienced thus far.

My idea of “charitable giving” is now about serving others and leading in the community. Heal Team 6 has led and created a coalition of dedicated and caring people who join together to help others and their worthy causes. It’s a larger and farther reaching effort that doesn’t end at the conclusion of one of our events. It goes beyond the activities I mentioned earlier because it’s a continuous effort that builds upon itself and grows more and more every year. We hope you’ll be apart of our effort of serving others and leading in the community by adding to our growing network of dedicated and caring people.

Michael Esposito