As we head into the middle of spring and before we know it, summer, we often find ourselves getting busier with all sorts of things. Vacations, weddings, sports, friends and family visiting, etc.. A lot of time, we find enjoyment in the nicer months by sipping a cocktail on the beach or going to grab lunch on your favorite restaurant patio.

What if we challenged those traditional ideas of enjoyment and leisure time? All around you there are ways to volunteer and have a great time doing so, especially when you get do so with friends and family. It could be with a charity, church, within your local community center, and more! If you enjoy the company of others, imagine how good you’ll feel after giving a little bit of time to help those around you. There are so many organizations out there that rely on the kindness and time of the community to make their efforts a success. A simple google search can show so many opportunities that you never even knew existed so close to home. Did I mention you can even volunteer at a local animal shelter?! I know I wouldn’t need much convincing to be around dogs and cats for a few hours!

Challenge yourself to try something new outside of your traditional leisure time activities. You never know what you may find and what causes you could support. Whether it be a few hours a week or a few hours a year, every little bit goes a long way. Supporting grass root causes doesn’t always have to be monetary, and volunteering is a perfect way for everyone to get involved. In some cases, time is so much more valuable than money could be in order to put a plan into effect and help others.

Check out some of the charities that we’ve helped in the past such as Association of Horizon and Lake County Honor Flight, as they could always use some of your time!