According to Military The VA estimates that there at 42,000 veterans that are paralyzed and even more that have had one or more legs amputated. Many of which are the same age as the young men in our chapter. And that has REALLY hit home with us. Those of us here at the KA fraternity at High Point University in High Point North Carolina would like to show our support and gratitude to our country and the men and Women of the armed forces who keep us safe.

We hope to radically change their lives as they have protected our. As a chapter we have deiced to band together and raise the funds to purchase a track chair, for a wounded veteran, through the Independence Fund. The Independence Fund partners with veterans around the country to provide support in various forms. One of the most recognized is the track chair. We have also partnered with Heal Team 6 a 501(c)(3) organization that has the knowledge and resources that have allowed us to implement out desire and drive to help out wounded veterans.

Track Chairs are built for the active veteran. These amazing chairs allows our veterans to live an active lifestyle. They can go just about anywhere. They can fish, hunt, go camping or simply enjoy the outdoors in all weather conditions.

Net Funds Raised: $26,000


The Zeta Phi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order was established a little under two years ago. The chapter continues to recruit and develop young men on High Point University’s campus.

As a chapter of KA, Zeta Phi continues to teach chivalry, life skills, professionalism, and the importance of service to others…All while providing a fun, eventful, and holistic college experience. It helps smart men to become better students and beyond that better members of their community, better at what they do, and more successful post graduation.

Beyond that the men of this small local chapter of KA have taken it upon them to give back to a great group of people. There are so many veterans out there that are the same age as the young men in our chapter. And that has REALLY hit home with us. While we are here at High Point NC they are overseas fighting for our freedom, protection, and rights. We hope to radically change their lives as they have protected ours.

Our chapter has joined hands with the Independence Fund, a group that supports veterans through the supply of track chairs and other mobility solutions. Together we are helping veterans achieve the freedom and independence that hey do not only deserve but that they have fought to protect. Please join us in our mission to help our service men and women.


The Independence Fund’s mission is to support out injured and wounded veterans with the tools to achieve their independence and freedoms they have fought so hard to preserve.

Our mobility program allows disabled veterans the change to get back outside through a variety of devices including all terrain wheelchairs as well as adaptive bicycles. Many veterans that have been traumatically wounded are unable to enjoy the outdoors as they once had. Our all terrain wheelchairs are no match for sand, snow, gravel, and water!

The cost of one all terrain wheelchair is $16,000.

We wish the government could provide our Veterans with the rehabilitation equipment they really need – but that is not the reality. The Independence Fund, with your help, buys equipment which will provide Veterans with the utmost Independence – whatever it take to help our brace men and women come back to a normal and independent life.

Heal Team 6


Our Veterans

“I served with the 82nd Airborne as an infantryman in Afghanistan. I was catastrophically wounded in two IED attacks ten days apart in 2010 at age 25. When I regained consciousness at Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland, the bottom half of my leg was gone, the muscle tissue in my left arm was severely damaged and paralyzed. I have undergone over 100 surgeries since that time. I am the father of one beautiful little girl with a second due any day now. The All-terrain Action Track Chair that The Independence Fund provided has changed my life. It has given me the basic freedoms back that I lost with my injury. With my chair I can go hunting, just go romp around in the woods, and go to shooting events. Most importantly, I am able to interact with my daughter and help my wife around the home in a way that I thought I would never be able to do, there’s really not many limits to it. It is difficult to explain the hardships that come with the loss of mobility, but the support that I received from The Independence Fund has given me hope that I will not be left behind” – Sgt. Michael Verardo

Kyle Hockenberry sacrificed both legs and his left arm while serving his country in Afghanistan. His brave wife tells us that they are thankful for the freedom and mobility The Independence Fund has provided with an all terrain wheelchair donation. Their son Reagan is a big fan of rides with his Daddy!

“My name is Dillon Cannon and I was fortunate enough to be a recipient of a set of soft wheels from Resolute Adaptive on behalf of the Independence Fund. Words cannot describe the amount of joy and freedoms these new wheels have brought into my life. With my new soft wheels I glide over bumps like there is nothing in my way. I have also noticed that over the past 6 months I have used the wheels that the pain in my back and shoulder shave disappeared because my body feels less stress from bumps etc. I wish to convey that Resolute Adaptive has treated me with the best and most courteous assistance as well as the; who has provided me with so much support over the  years that I could never thank them enough.

Sponsors $1,000

Mr. & Mrs. Rozdolsky
Michael Esposito
Detterbeck Johnson & Monsen

Ruthann LaPota
Advantage Kitchen & Bath
Mr. Richard J Stephenson & Stacie Stephenson
The Esposito Family

VIP Donors $500

David Forteir
Mr & Mrs. Smith
George Pallis
Cynthia Leonard

Kristy Hopkins
Tim & Gail Bryne
Jack Garrow
James Donnell

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mayo
Cheryl Perry
Dr. Steven & Susan Bloch
Harlan Breger

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