We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization whose team members receive no compensation for their contributions.

Heal Team 6 was created by the Esposito family: Steven, his wife Melissa, and their children Stephanie and Michael. Through early involvement with local causes, the family realized that many small charities clearly had the passion and determination to help others but lacked the resources, organization, and network necessary to make a meaningful impact. In identifying these needs, the Esposito family formed Heal Team 6 to assist local charities and causes with fundraising and event planning. Our all-volunteer team consists of the Esposito Family, Ric Popp, Neal Heriaud, Robert Rose, and Greg Monsen. Our team and our partners will work with local charities and causes by providing them with the tools necessary to meet their goals and change lives.

Your mission is our mission.